The World Bank Forest Strategy: Striking the right balance

The changing dynamics of the forest sector and the global economy prompted World Bank President James Wolfensohn to launch the CEO forum and the World Bank/World Wide Fund for Nature Alliance. In parallel, Bank management launched a Forest Policy Implementation Review and Strategy process in which the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) was asked to contribute an independent evaluation of the Bank ' s 1991 Forest Strategy. OED evaluated implementation of the strategy as outlined in " The Forest Sector: A World Bank Policy Paper (1991), " Operational Policy 4.36, and Good Practice 4.36 (both issued in 1993). The evaluation reviewed lending and non-lending activities for the three organizations comprising the World Bank Group as well as for the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). Six country studies were carried out (Brazil, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, India, and Indonesia) along with a global review, and six regional portfolio reviews. The OED studies analyzed the interactions among the Bank ' s Country Assistance Strategies, economic and sector work, policy dialogue, and Bank lending. The report identifies seven elements that would make Bank forest strategy more relevant and help it achieve its strategic objectives in the forest sector.




Lele, Uma; Kumar, Nalini; Husain, Syed Arif; Zazueta, Aaron; Kelly, Lauren. 2000. The World Bank forest strategy : striking the right balance. Washington, D.C. : The World Bank.