Water and food security Experiences in India and China

“There is a renewed urgency to understand the determinants and dynamics of water demand, given climate change and demographic pressures, and the challenges that governance poses for harnessing water resources for their effective, equitable, and sustainable use. To further the debate and analysis, this paper identifies important strategic issues confronting the governance of agricultural water management in Asia and its integral relationship with energy management in irrigated and rainfed agriculture.”


Dr. Uma Lele







Challenges and Developments in Financing Irrigation and Drainage Sector

Uma Lele, Tushaar Shah, Mohamed Ait Kadi, Herve Plusquellec, Richard Reidinger

When in the early 1970s prices took a sharp upturn, international donors and national governments greatly increased investment in irrigation, mainly in Asia as part of the expansion of overall investments in food and agriculture. 





Good governance for food, water and energy security

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